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    Resideo is a leading global provider security and home comfort solutions, present in more than 150 million homes globally, and installations in 15 million homes each year. Resideo is on the forefront of the next wave in consumer technology: the smart, connected home. Read more [...]

  • Apollo America Inc.

    25 Corporate Dr, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

    Apollo manufactures smoke detectors, fire alarm control panel interface modules, notification devices and multi-voltage control relays. Established in the UK in 1980, it wasn’t until 1994 read more

  • Napco Security Technologies Inc

    333 Bayview Ave, Amityville, New York, USA

    NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. has a heritage dedicated solely developing innovative technology and reliable security solutions, including award-winning Universal StarLinkâ„¢ Communicators, Geminiâ„¢ and GEMC Commercial 24V read more

  • Air Products and Controls

    1749 E. Highwood, Pontiac, MI, USA

  • Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

    1111 Church Road, Aurora, IL, USA

  • AlarMax Distributors Inc.

    750 Holiday Drive, Suite 310 - Bldg 9, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

    Tel:412-921-8330 Fax:412-921-4333
  • Allstate Security Industries, Inc.

    3433 Plains Blvd., Amarillo, TX, USA

    Tel:806-354-3200 Fax:806-354-3223
  • Altor Safety Systems, L.L.C.

    1426 Dulong Ave, Madison Heights, Michigan, USA

    Tel:248-414-9398 Fax:248-414-9402
  • American Pacific – Halotron Division

    3883 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 700, Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Tel:702-699-4171 Fax:702-735-4876
  • Apollo Fire Detectors

    821 Ulrich Ave, Louisville, KY, United Kingdom

    Tel:44-23-9249-2412 Fax:4402392492754
  • Asurio Inspection Systems

    5480 Valmont Road, Suite 100, Boulder, Colorado, USA

    Tel:877-444-1488 Fax:303-444-1332
  • Bass-United Fire & Security

    1480 SW 3rd St Ste 9, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

    Tel:954-785-7800 Fax:954-785-7804
  • Batteries Plus

    925 Walnut Ridge Dr, Hartland, Wisconsin, USA

  • Building Technology

    1970 E Grand Ave, Ste 120, Los Angeles, California, USA

    Tel:310-640-8575 Fax:310-640-9003
  • Carter Brothers, LLC

    100 Hartsfield Center Parkway, Ste 140, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Tel:404-763-6600 Fax:404-767-2568
  • Checkpoint Systems Inc

    8180 Upland Cir, Chanhassen, NJ, USA

    Tel:800-887-9049 Fax:952-227-5372
  • CommandScope Mobile Pre Plans

    414 N. Orleans Street, Suite 310, Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Tel:312-284-2030 Fax:312-284-2031
  • Connect Air International

    4240 B Street N.W., Auburn, Washington, USA

    Tel:253-813-5599 Fax:253-813-5699
  • Detect Alarm Inc

    6299 County Road 87 SW, Alexandria, MN, USA

    Tel:320-762-0555 Fax:320-762-8198
  • Detector Electronics Corporation

    6901 West 110th Street, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  • DH Pace Company

    1120 Clay St., Kansas City, Missouri, USA

  • DMC Security Services In.

    4455 W 147th St, Midlothian, IL, USA

  • Eagle Fire Inc.

    7459 White Pine Rd, Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Tel:704-805-4116 EXT 1226 Fax:804-743-2504
  • Fike Corporation

    47 Loveton Circle, Suite F, Sparks, MD, USA

    Tel:816-229-3405 Fax:(410) 472-6595
  • Fike Corporation

    704 S 10th Street, Blue Springs, MO, USA

    Tel:816-229-3405 Fax:816-229-4615
  • Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell

    12 Clintonville Rd, Northford, CT, USA

    Tel:203-484-6233 Fax:203-484-1215
  • Firekiller Technologies Inc

    201 Hogan Woods Circle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

  • Fyr-Fyter Sales & Service Inc

    262 Pennington Lawrenceville Rd, Pennington, NJ, USA

    Tel:609-896-0600 Fax:609-737-1936
  • Gemini Scientific Corp.

    650 Vaqueros Ave, Suite C, Sunnyvale, California, USA

    Tel:408-745-0088 Fax:408-745-0089
  • General Fire & Safety Eqpt

    2431 Fairfield St, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

    Tel:402-476-4646 Fax:402-467-4280
  • Gentex Corporation

    10985 Chicago Drive, Zeeland, Michigan, USA

    Tel:616-392-7195 Fax:616.772.7348
  • Getz Equipment Innovators

    1525 SW Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois, USA

    Tel:888-747-4389 Fax:309-495-00874
  • Gexpro

    1400 Westinghouse Blvd. Suite 300, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

    Tel:203-944-3000 Fax:704-597-6770
  • Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc. (GSSI)

    8701 Carpenter Freeway, Suite 230, Dallas, TX, USA

    Tel:800-786-2718 Fax:972-594-7826
  • Hochiki America Corporation

    7051 Village Drive, Buena Park, California, USA

    Tel:714-670-3228 Fax:714-522-2268